Bike tour in Rome

Rome and its history, its beauty and its culture, its story and the bike.


Rome and its history, its beauty and its culture, its story and the bike.
What would you think about a tour on the routes through the historical centre of Rome? Discover monuments and hidden gems around every corner while riding your bike and following our expert guides.

From the Appian Way to the Villa Panphili, from Piazza di Spagna to Villa Borghese and its beautiful terrace.

The Silva Bike Hotel in Fiuggi offers you a pleasant trip in Rome according to your preferences.

TOUR 1: Rome Coast to coast.
From the North Side to the South Side. Riding along the cycling path of the River Tevere you will discover the best landscape of the Eternal City. The tour varies between 20 and 30 km.
Stopping for a real Italian ice-cream is required!

TOUR 2: Riding in the Nature Parks
Villa Panphli, Villa Ada, Villa Glori and Villa Borghese: Rome is full of green space and you will discover wonderful natural landscapes by following our guides.
Have a tasting lunch in one of local restaurant in the city.
About 30 km

TOUR 3: Art Tour
A cultural trip along the historical Centre of Rome, the best bike tour to admire the monuments of ancient and Renaissance Rome. Many stops to taste local products and learn more about Rome.
About 15 km.

TOUR 4: The Appian Way and the Park of Aqueducts
Ride along 2000 years of history, the Ancient Appia was the “airway” of the Roman Empire, and view at the archeological roman sites.
Discover the best routes where the best Mountain Bike Race in Rome takes place each year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Rome with us!



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