Our Spa

1200 mq of Spa
Indoor heated swimming pool (32° C) with waterfalls, comfortable Hydro air/water armchairs, floating beds, music, scents and colours


Salt grotto – average temperature 32°C
A pleasant floating experience. An effective treatment against skin aging and stress.
Large relax areas – Enjoy our comfortable lounge-chairs, sip your herbal tea by the warm light of a fireplace, and relax while listening to soothing music.
In the heart of the hotel garden, dive in our heated outdoor swimming pool, and, even in wintertime, you can enjoy the pleasure of warm water and sunbathing on our comfortable Solarium beds.
The Finnish sauna, located in the hotel garden, is a dry heat bath with temperatures of approximately 80 – 90°C.
Sauna baths followed by cold showers help boost your immune defenses, and enhance your stress and strain coping skills.

The Bio-sauna 50°-60°C, with its 50% humidity rate, is a regenerating sauna experience. It facilitates the elimination of toxins thus benefiting both your cardiovascular system and your muscular tone.

The Calidarium Bath 45-48°C is a Turkish bath with a 98% humidity rate. Hot steam helps regulating skin pH, it cleanses your skin and moisturizes it.

In the Mediterranean Bath or Herbal Bath -65° C, natural herb scents can be inhaled through steam with a beneficial impact on your respiratory system. The deep perspiration caused by steam and heat, especially in some parts of the body, facilitates the elimination of toxins and a general natural detoxification.

Frigidarium – Special showers
Nebulized cold water, ice-waterfall and special showers with colour-aroma therapy to refresh your body and awaken your mind.
Kneipp therapy
An alternation of cold and hot water will stimulate your immune and cardiovascular system.
Our customers can choose from 3 special therapies:
– Invigorating therapy – Energizing therapy – Relaxing therapy

Hammam Chamber
First you enter the Calidarium, an aromatic steam bath, to prepare your skin for the following treatments. You then lay down on a warm marble bench for a massage with soap, also known as “gommage”. Your body will then be rinsed with lukewarm water and strewn with luxurious oils.
Armanda hydrotherapy tub
The flow of tiny drops used in this balneotherapy tub recreates a massage-like feeling on your body. The water flow stimulates lymphatic reactions, releases stress and has a relaxing effect.
Relax Area
Before heading back to reality, spend some time in this special area. Sip your tea or read for a bit, to smoothly readjust to the rhythm and sounds of the outer world
Gym: cardiovascular circuit Technogym at the fifth floor. Personal Trainer lesson upon request



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