Water Areas

Sauna, Calidarium, Kneip paths and Bathrooms in Fiuggi Terme


Bio 50-60 °, 50% humidity is a pleasant regenerating sauna that helps eliminate toxins with benefits for cardiovascular and muscle tone.

Calidarium Bath 45-48 °, 98% humidity, turkish bath. The presence of hot steam favors the regulation of skin pH, hydration and cleaning of the skin.

Mediterranean bath or herbal bath -65 °
with the addition of natural herb essences, inhaled through the steam, gain a beneficial effect for the respiratory tract, causing spontaneous perspiration, especially in areas of the body where it is most required, causing a natural general detoxification with the elimination of toxins.

Frigidarium – Kneipp in Fiuggi Terme

Frigidarium – Special showers
Cold fog, ice and showers to tone and refresh the body and awaken the mind.

Kneipp sessions
Startle stimuli and alternate hot and cold water to activate the immune and circulatory system.

3 routes to your wellbeing:
– Toning path
– Energizing path
– Relaxing path

The Finnish dry heat bath, around 80 to 90 °, in the green of the garden, usually alternating cold showers, sauna boosts immunity by promoting recovery from stress and tension.


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