Water area

2 Indoor swimming pools heated to 32 ° with water jets, cave with music therapy and chromotherapy and outdoor swimming pool heated to 32° connected by a canal with one of the two indoor swimming pools


The water is a pure and spiritual rebirth, because it frees the soul from harmful moods.

Water,the element of life, surrounds you in a wonderful world:

Two Indoor swimming pools heated to 32 ° with water depths, comfortable armchairs with Hydro air / loungers near the water, music, scents and colors.

Grotto with music therapy and chromotherapy. A pleasant feeling of relaxation. Effective anti-aging skin and nervous tension.

In our beautiful park we could not miss the outdoor swimming poolheated 32°, two heated whirlpools, a telescopic sauna and a Finnish sauna in the garden where even in winter you can dive and enjoy the captivating embrace of the water and the warmth of the sun lying on the comfortable beds of the Solarium.



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