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Slimming week in Fiuggi Terme: Visit the Nutritional Slimming Centre

Dr. Ciavardini


A serious program of nutrition education and physical activity and mental well being that you can continue to follow at home.
Chief medical program Ada Ciavardini, and a team formed by psychologist Deborah Lopresti, the personal fitness trainer lss.a. Dott. Francesco Filardi.

The Zone is a method of food that aims, through the balanced use of food and the integration of Omega3, to achieve an optimal state of health in which the body works at peak efficiency.

Food should be considered as a medicinal product, and the body as a metabolic machine where the food we eat not only provides the energy to live, but stimulates a balanced hormone response to the general welfare of our body 24 hours a day.

Slim well in a week with “the zone” allows:

– Achievement of  maximum physical performance
– Permanently lose excess body fat
– Improve fitness and wellness
– Increase mental  efficiency
– Reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides
– Slow aging
– Prevent many diseases
– Reduce harmful fats
– Reduce water retention


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