Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking in Fiuggi

The natural walk, in the middle of Ciociaria


What is Nordic Walking?


Nordic Walking is a sport originally practiced by skiers to keep fit during the summer months. It has now become a very popular activity, suitable for people of any age and with any level of training who want to keep fit, tone their muscles, lose weight or improve their health.

Why practice Nordic Walking?

Many doctors agree that Nordic walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts because it works on all major muscle groups in the body.

Nordic walking is also great for weight loss. Using Nordic walking poles, heart rate increases on average by 10-15% more than with normal walking. This means that you can burn over 400 calories per hour, much more than normal walking, which only burns 280 calories.

The benefits of Nordic Walking

  • Nordic Walking burns up to 46% more calories than physical exercise without sticks and up to 25-30% compared to moderate jogging.
  • It trains the heart and cardiovascular system
  • It affects 90% of all muscles in the body in one exercise, increasing the resistance of the muscles in the arms and neck and shoulders.
  • It improves metabolism and reduces insulin resistance
  • Counteracts high blood pressure: reduces arterial hypertension by 18 mmHg within eight weeks.
  • Eliminates most back, shoulder and neck pain; makes the hip, knee and foot joints flexible
  • It increases the production of “positive” hormones. Decreases “negative” hormones.
  • It reduces stress and fights anxiety
  • Develop proper body posture.

Our Nordic Walking services

  • Guided excursions departing from the hotel through the fantastic scenery of the Ernici and Simbruini Mountains
  • Laundry service for technical garments in 24 hours
  • Silva Splendid Hotel excursion bag
  • Snack for the walk (fruit, tart, sandwich, water)
  • Poles rental directly at the hotel (€ 10.00 per day)
  • Stretching session aimed at recovery after the excursion
  • Decontracting massages
  • Short introductory course to the practice of Nordic Walking

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