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The wet area

Enter this magic world of baths, sauna, chill out tunes and scents. Relax and recover you energy.

The Bio-sauna 50°-60°C, with its 50% humidity rate, is a regenerating sauna experience. It facilitates the elimination of toxins thus benefiting both your cardiovascular system and your muscular tone.

The Calidarium Bath 45-48°C is a Turkish bath with 98% humidity rate. Hot steam helps regulating skin pH, it cleanses your skin and moisturizes it.

In the Mediterranean Bath or Herbal Bath -65° C, natural herb scents can be inhaled through steam with a beneficial impact on your respiratory system. The deep perspiration caused by steam and heat, especially in some parts of the body, facilitates the elimination of toxins and a general natural detoxification.

bagno mediterraneo Frigidarium - Special showers
Nebulized cold water, ice-waterfall and special showers with colour-aroma therapy to refresh your body and awaken your mind.

Kneipp therapy
An alternation of cold and hot water will stimulate your immune and cardiovascular system.

Our customers can choose from 3 special therapies:
- Invigorating therapy – Energizing therapy – Relaxing therapy
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