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Wine Tasting

Cesanese”, a red-grape vine, is among the most important in Lazio and gives its name to the same wine, recognized in 1973 as DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata – Registered Designation of Origin).
Cesanese is the source of a full-bodied, ruby-red wine, with a characteristic bouquet that recalls its place of origin: smooth, rather tannic, soft and mellow, lending itself well to moderate aging in oak barrels, which confers substantial prestige. Both in its bouquet and in its flavour, one perceives a delicate, complex woodsy note that the experts readily identify as blackberry and blueberry.
For a tasting we recommend:
Cantina sociale  - Piglio
Cantina Massimi Berucci – Piglio
Consorzio di Affile – Affile


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