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Art & Monuments
The medieval village of Fiuggi was most likely built around the year 1000, a time when many towns on the highest hills were fortified in order to defend themselves from the barbaric invasions. Protected by its city walls – nearly disappeared by now – Fiuggi is a series of small alleys, small squares, steep stairs and houses built one above the other. The presence over the centuries of the most important Roman families is witnessed by extremely interesting architectural vestiges, like the ancient Grandi, Martini and Alessandri manors.

In the De Medici palace, the former seat of the old Anticoli barracks, there is the famous “well of the virgins”: according to legend, the girls who refused to submit to the “ius primae noctis” imposed by the feudal lord were thrown inside it.
Even the Falconi palace guards a curious story.

Waiting in vain for Napoleon, who was supposed to stop there for a short visit, a painter spent the night decorating a room with a portrait of the leader who never passed through Fiuggi but who, as the artist happened to say, left his shadow in what today is known as Napoleon's “room”.
Walking through town, one may still admire the double lancet windows in via Vetere and the stone portals dominated by coats of arms in via Maggiore.
The numerous churches of Fiuggi definitely deserve a visit. The Collegiate Church of Saint Peter, always in via Maggiore, preserves works of the Roman school of the 17th century. It is also worthwhile visiting the 15th century church of Saint Stephan located in the middle of the historical center of town. In via Vecchia Fiuggi, there is the Church of the Madonna of Victory, built by the feudatory Marcantonio Colonna in memory of the victory of the Christian army at Lepanto.

Last but not least, there is the Church of Saint Blaise, the patron saint of Fiuggi.
Built around the year 1100 and subsequently refurbished in the baroque style, it preserves a fresco of the 13th century and a holy water stoup obtained from a Roman capital.
In any event, in addition to the works of art of the past centuries, it is also quite interesting to stroll through those parts of the town that date back to the beginning of the twentieth century, a period of great cultural fervor in Fiuggi.


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