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Natural beauties

Over half of the Fiuggi municipal territory is covered by woods. There are extensive stretches of chestnuts and oaks, with lindens, maples, firs, pines and even sequoias that change color with the passing of the seasons inventing new landscapes.

A few kilometers away from the town, there are the charming Canterno Lake and the green lawns of the Arcinazzo Plateaus and, a short way off, even mountain lovers may enjoy the striking views of Campo Catino and Campo Staffi.

Ciociaria succeeded not only in appreciating, but also in defending and preserving its immense natural wealth, as witnessed by the Paliano Wood, something unique of its kind in Italy. It is a naturalistic oasis, located within the large estate of Prince Ruffo di Calabria, which extends over 45 hectares of hilly grounds full of small lakes fed by a single Roman source.


This park affords the most suitable environmental conditions for over 200 kinds of birds from all over the world that here are allowed to live in full freedom. Swans, ostriches, cranes, flamingos, pelicans and other rare birds share the park with several migratory species that, since a number of years, have chosen this oasis as their stopping place, offering visitors and birdwatchers a definitely fascinating show.

The Paliano Wood is not the only naturalistic attraction of the area. Pozzo d’Antullo, in the outskirts of Collepardo, the waterfall at Isola Liri, and the canyon dug out by the Cosa River, close to the Trisulti Charterhouse, are definitely worth a visit.
The mysterious underground world of the Pastena Grottos, with over 3000 meters of stalactites and stalagmites, is one of the most interesting speleological wonders in Italy and it should not be missed.

Immersed in the greenery of chestnut and oak woods and surrounded by the Ernici and Lepini mountain chains, Fiuggi affords the opportunity for beautiful and interesting excursions, like the tour of the Canterno Lake, just outside town, that departs from the road leading away from the Bonifacio Spring and passes close to the Madonna della Stella Sanctuary. Having made the tour of the lake, visitors may enjoy a pleasant stop in one of the many small restaurants scattered along the shores.


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