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All tracks start from the hotel and take visitors to the Fiuggi surroundings, climbing to the Canterno Lake Natural Reserve and to the lower peaks on the edge of the Ernici Mountains (approx. 1000m above sea level). They unravel through slopes and plateaus, across breathtaking chestnut and oak woods.

n. Track Slope Steepness Duration Diff. Level
F1 Trevi’s Arch 332 4 h. e 15 m. E
F2 Arciano Mountain Tour 382 3 h. e 55 m. E
F3 Acuto Lake tour 300 4 h. E
F4 Through chestnut woods 80 1 h. e 15 m. T
F5 Gasperone Castle ruins 420 4 h. e 30 m. E
F6 Canterno Lake tour 70 4 h. e 35 m. E

Cartography: Satellite map provided by the Hotel (currently under development)

The Monti Simburini Regional Park
The park has a total surface of 30,000 ha and it is surrounded by the Aniene and the Sacco Valley, the border with the region Abruzzo and the Ernici mountains. It is a natural reserve which aims at preserving the typical environment of the Apennines. It includes mountains as high as 2000m (the tallest peak being Monte Viglio, 2156m), wide beechwoods, Karstic plateaus, spring water (as the name Simbruini suggests: "sub imbribus", under the rain), small historical villages and artistic treasures. Its animal population also includes wolves and Marsican bears.

n. Track Slope Steepness Duration Diff. Level
S1 Santissima Trinità and Autore Mountain tour 670 2 h. e 25 m. E
S2 Fondi di Jenne beechwood 210 2 h. e 15 m. E
S3 Aniene’s sources (flexible tour) 239 1 h. e 30 m. T
S4 From Campo Saffi to Tarino Mountain 775 4 h. E/EE
S5 From Campo Saffi to Cotento Mountain 235 1 h. e 30 m. T/E
S6 From Serra S. Antonio to Viglio Mountain 700 4 h. EE
S7 Viglio Mountain round tour 940 4 h. e 45 m. EE

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri 1:25,000; published by Il Lupo, Carta dei Sentieri 1:50.000, published by Ente Parco

The Ernici Mountains
Surrounded by the Liri and Aniene Valleys and by the Simbruini Mountains, the Ernici Mountains are calcareous masses with underground streams and Karstic formations. The highest peaks are bare, whereas the lower ones are smoother and covered with beech, oak and durmast woods. The Ernici Mountains have more than one peak which is higher than 2000m and their animal and bird population is varied and interesting; it includes wolves and golden eagles.

n. Track Slope Steepness Duration Diff. Level
E1 Campocatino and Sentiero dei Fiori 380 2 h. e 10 m. E
E2 From Colle Panunzio to la Monna 750 4 h. e 50 m. E /EE
E3 From Colle Panunzio to Campocatino 380 2 h. e 30 m. E
E4 Valle del Rio and Trisulti’s Carthusian Monastery 380 3 h. e 25 m. E
E5 From Trisulti's Carthusian Monastery to la Rotonaria 1.050 4 h. e 10 m. E/EE
E6 Fossa Susanna and Scalelle Mountain 810 4 h. e 10 m. E/EE
E7 From Prato di Campoli to Pizzo Deta 920 4 h. e 15 m. E/EE

Cartography: Carta dei sentieri 1:25,000, published by Alatri C.A.I., Italian Alpine Club (currently under development).


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