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Diet in Italy

This programme combines a diet regime with physical training and psycho-wellness activities and it can easily be continued once you are back home. The professionals in charge of the programme are M.D. Ada Ciavardini and her team: psychologist Ms Deborah Lopresti and ISSA certified personal fitness trainer Mr Francesco Filardi.
The so called ‘Zone’ is a diet regime aimed at achieving total wellbeing and body functionality, through balanced diet and proper Omega 3 intake.
According to the philosophy of the zone diet, food is a drug and our body can be a perfect metabolic apparatus. What we eat not only provides energy necessary to survival, it also stimulates a balanced hormones production which results in a general physical wellbeing, 24 hours a day.
Loose weight with the Zone in one week and you will experience:

- Best physical performance ever
- Long-lasting fat loss
- Total fitness and wellness
- Better mental performance
- Low cholesterol and triglycerides level
- Slower ageing process
- Disease prevention
- Decrease in detrimental fats
- Reduced water retention

Medical examination € 60,00
Nutrition examination € 80,00
Nutrition examination + diet suggestions € 120,00
Nutrition examination + customized diet € 150,00
Psycho-physical examination € 120,00

Three are the aspects to take into consideration:

Food – Physical training – Psychological well being/Meditation

Medical examinations:

Immediately after checking in at the Spa, you will be referred to a GP. He/she will examine you and ask you relevant questions to clarify your health needs and advise you on treatments needed.

Nutrition examination:
Our nutritionist will examine your body to determine your fat and fat-free body mass; he/she will then calculate your daily calorie consumption.
Each Spa guest will receive a step counter (pedometer), to monitor the number of daily steps and to register this number on their personal “diet diaries”.

Psycho-physical examination:
Through an interview, our experts will analyse the pros and cons of your life-style. The aim of this interview is to assess your psychological and individual features, to see how you can improve quality of life. You will learn some useful meditation techniques, which will raise your awareness on matters relating to your psycho-physical balance. Meditation nurtures our body and mind. It helps you recover the energy needed to further develop and improve your self-control skills.

Physical exercise:
A certified personal trainer will assist you during your training sessions. You can choose from a wide range of different training programmes: heart and muscles strengthening exercises, stretching, Pilates, power yoga, and many more. You can also sign in for walking-trekking or mountain bike tours.


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