Fiuggi and the Ciociaria.

Ciociaria is a territory that includes good part of the southern Lazio, and some major cities including Fiuggi. The fortune of this land has a mild climate, with mild winters and cool summers, ideal for a holiday all year round.

A bike trip in Lazio, becomes an opportunity to discover the beauty of Fiuggi, its green heart, unspoiled landscapes of the surrounding area, such as the natural reserve of Lake Canterno, and the beautiful grottoes of Pastena, one of the most significant in the province of Frosinone, with underground passages between stalactites and stalagmites.

In addition, the mountain bike trails in Lazio and those with the road bike can take you to visit extraordinary city like Anagni, Montecassino and Rome itself! The guides in our hotel for cyclists in Lazio, will give you all the information on this wonderful territory.

Fiuggi, and the territory of the Ciociaria, is also famous for its thermal water springs rich in therapeutic properties for health and wellness. In Fiuggi there are two hydrothermal establishments: The Fonte Bonifacio VIII and Fonte Anticolana. The Fonte Bonifacio VIII is the oldest and in the fountains scattered in the spa gardens it can simultaneously access up to 25,000 people.
The Fonte Anticolana is newer and offers beautiful walks in the gardens and tree-lined boulevards and is equipped to host performances and events.

Fiuggi is a city that brings much evidences of its medieval origin, many of which were unfortunately destroyed in the early twentieth century. Among the ancient gates, the only remains today is the Gate of Portella together with the eponymous tower which was intended to defend the city. Do not miss the Church of St. Peter the Apostle and the Church of San Biagio, while at the Colle Michelangelo, in the chapel dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, you can see the monument to the Virgin Mary, 30 meters of stele on which rests a statue of the Virgin.