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High quality for cycling holidays in Lazio!

The Silva Splendid is the perfect partner for your cycling holiday in Lazio, we ensures high standards of quality and services tailored for cyclists.
We are the only bike hotel in Lazio, that offer you trails divided by degrees of difficulty and intensity of training, from the most challenging to the flatter, with professional guides who know the territory and routes suitable for both road bikes and mountain biking.

Only the Silva Splendid – hotel for cyclists in Lazio – can make you live extraordinary emotions riding your bike!

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Bicycle Touring in Italy for Everyone

Bike touring in Italy is a fantastic choice for a really different holiday and the Lazio region, particularly around Fiuggi offers cycling routes in Italy to suit any level of ability. Perfect for family vacations, cycle touring in Italy allows you to explore the countryside and take off the beaten path routes through some of the most picturesque parts of the region.

Choose a hotel which is specifically geared towards the needs of those who are bike touring in Italy such as the Silva Splendid Spa Hotel which offers a range of exceptional facilities such as a pool and spa where cyclists can relax after a day of testing their skills on some of the best bike paths and routes.

Choosing Bike Routes in Italy

When planning a bike holiday in the Fiuggi region, it can be useful to have some idea of where you would like to see and how long it will take you to get there and back. The Silva Splendid Hotel offers several packages for cycle touring in Italy such as the Tour dei Monasteri which has to be one of the most picturesque bike routes in Italy and at a distance of 68km is perfect for intermediate to more advanced cyclists.

The steepest gradient is 9 degrees and the sensational countryside filled with interesting historic and religious points of interest makes it a great way to experience bicycle touring in Italy with a group of like minded friends.

Scenic Cycling Routes in Italy

Fiuggi is in the delightful Frosinone province and with the mountains, streams, lakes and rivers of the Ciociara’s area, as well as vast expanses of open countryside around the Roman Campagna in the centre of the Lazio region, the choice for great bicycle touring in Italy is endless. Add the many places of historic interest like Fiuggi itself, an ancient medieval hilltop town of the classic type.

Today it features the older Fiuggi Citta as well as the more modern Fiuggi Terme which was built during the spa tours heyday when the medicinal springs were the area’s biggest attraction. Today the area is the scene of some of the most notable events in the cycling calendar such as the Gran Fondo Campagnalo Roma and it’s possible to try some parts of the course for yourself when you choose bike touring in Italy for your next vacation with family or friends.